on AN urban island in the East we began to dream of a life with OF freedom beyond working behind a desk everyday. Days off would be spent escaping to the coast, with camera in hand, to find peace from the repetition.
ONE DAY As the sun set over the cascading waves, Balm was born. A movement that believed true happiness is FOUND LIVING free because it feels like bliss. From this moment FORward, we adventured to many tranquil places around the world, documenting our lifestyle while crafting the art of OUR DIGITAL story-telling. in a digital world BEFORE arrivING in the West.
ARRIVING IN THE WEST, WITH A WORLd OF inspiration through social media, we felt most balanced creating for brands that believed in enriching our lives through PEACE OF MIND. NOW, We continue to travel while naturally makING magic in aid of our DEVINE purpose - to soothe SOULS worldwide.Travel often, eat well & live your dreams.
Be Balm.