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Roam focuses on developing media centric brand messaging, positioning and PR tactics, realized through creative interpretations of traditional methods, influencers and social media. We specialize in sponsor and affiliate partnerships, brand collaborations and network opportunities, while liaising with all aspects of your business from the tourism boards and airlines, to the influencers, to the client. Our strategies provide measurable results, based on market intelligence, constant evaluation and our commitment to accountability.


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Allow us to expertly draft, execute and manage content creation, online editorial, and social media. Our team is expertly experienced in SEO, engagement and online networking & events. Our digital workshops ensure that your team is also highly capable of manning the ship in our absence.
Our tireless networking efforts ensure your brand has priority access to HNW & influencer engagement, ambassador program opportunities, VIP & celebrity promotions, brand partnerships and social influence campaigns.


Our full suite press office management focuses on media and trend management, while creating proactive media outreach and story development. We handle press materials from compelling copy writing to distribution and networking. Our media messaging and training will leave your brand poised at the forefront of all relevant media channels.


Focuses on community engaging events, creating strong corporate identity and creating cultures that yield tangible business development. From media messaging, announcements, profiles, press trips, social media set up and placements, we are help ensure your brand’s story is heard the right way the first time.